Why You May Need Wisdom Tooth Removal

Why You May Need Wisdom Tooth Removal

Oct 26, 2018

Wisdom teeth are third molars and emerge into the jaw in early adulthood. Sometimes they come in with no problems at all, but often, they’re troublesome. About 85% of Americans have their wisdom teeth extracted. Except for complex situations where the wisdom tooth is impacted horizontally, you can get your wisdom teeth extracted at your dentist near you at Padron Dental Rockford IL.

Our Ancestors Needed Wisdom Teeth

Our distant ancestors had a rougher diet than ours in many ways. They ate tough, fibrous plants, raw meat, and cracked bones to get at the marrow. Wisdom teeth are ideal for grinding down large chunks of tough food and can even handle bone.

We Don’t Need Wisdom Teeth

Our foods are softer these days. Even high-fiber foods are much easier to chew than the meals of tens of thousands of years ago. We simply don’t need heavy-duty grinding teeth, as our diets tend to exclude bone matter and dense, fibrous plant tissue.

Your Dentist May Recommend Wisdom Tooth Removal in Rockford, IL

  • Poorly aligned wisdom teeth harm other teeth, as they’re so big. Wisdom teeth often come in crooked. When they do, they hit the surface of nearby teeth and can crowd out surrounding teeth roots. This leads to overcrowding and constant tooth pain and jaw aches.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth are another concern. They fail to erupt through the gums, usually because they’re at a bad angle to other teeth.
  • Emergence through the side of the gums opens gum tissue up to bacterial infection. Wisdom teeth can also break the gums during their eruption. Because the tooth comes in at an awkward angle, it’s hard to brush or floss adequately. This condition commonly causes cuts inside the mouth and cheek bites.

If you’re afraid of getting your wisdom teeth out, don’t delay. Wisdom teeth can cause serious problems, including infections that spread to the jawbone or other teeth. Wisdom tooth extraction in Rockford, IL 61107 at Padron Dental in Rockford, IL gives you access to a professionally trained dental team near you.

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