Why Should I Get a Dental Bridge

Why Should I Get a Dental Bridge

Sep 25, 2018
If you have missing teeth, our dentist in 91107, Dr. Adriana Padron may recommend tooth replacement with dental bridges in Rockford, IL. Gaps in your smile cause existing teeth to shift out of place, cause bone deterioration, and further tooth loss. Having open spaces between your teeth can make it difficult to chew or speak correctly. It can also rob you of your confident smile. A dental bridge is a right solution for many patients who suffer from tooth loss. The natural-looking restoration feels and functions like your existing teeth.

A dental bridge works by placing a prosthetic tooth in the empty space anchored securely with crowns. The dental crowns are attached to either adjacent natural teeth or implants.

Smile with Confidence

A healthy, beautiful smile is priceless. Most patients feel better about themselves and how they look after receiving a dental bridge or other tooth replacement solution. If you avoid smiling or socializing because you are missing teeth, a dental bridge can help restore your confidence and improve your quality of life.

Eat Your Favorite Foods

It can be difficult to chew properly or enjoy your favorites after tooth loss. Some patients find it painful to eat. Teeth shifting into the gaps can cause pain. In addition, food particles that collect in the empty socket can lead to discomfort and damage gums.

To alleviate pain once and for all, your Rockford dentist may recommend a dental bridge. Eating should never be a painful chore. Book an appointment at Padron Dental today to determine if dental bridges in Rockford, IL is the right solution for you.

Speak Clearly

It can be hard to enunciate and pronounce certain words clearly when you have multiple missing teeth. You might speak with a lisp. Teeth play an important role in helping your form words. Your lips, tongue, and teeth all work together for proper speech. If you have difficulty speaking due to tooth loss, a bridge on your front teeth can help resolve this issue.

Maintain a Healthy Jawbone

Once a tooth is lost, the underlying bone starts to deteriorate. Roots stimulate the jaw bone and keep it living and active. Once the tooth and root are gone, so is the stimulation. Without tooth replacement, the continued deterioration will lead to tooth loss, bone loss, and the collapse of the facial structure.

Prevent Further Tooth Loss

Teeth are secured in place by stable roots below the gums. In addition, nearby teeth help hold the collection together. With tooth loss, the remaining teeth will start to shift toward the empty space. The best way to remedy this problem is to replace the missing teeth with a dental bridge. Too much tilting and shifting will result in further tooth loss.

Dr. Padron and the Padron dental team are dedicated to helping patients maintain good oral health. To learn more about dental bridges in 61107 or to explore other restorative dentistry options, contact us today.

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