What to expect at a dental visit

You investigated and chose a new rockford dentist illinois. You scheduled the appointment for a routine examination to make sure that you are taking care of any issues before they get worse. Now that you have a partner in your new dentist and you feel comfortable with your decision, what is going to happen when you get to the office?

If it is your first appointment with that dentist, they will need to take a complete history and may request you to have your old dental records sent to the new dentist. At later visits you will not have to answer all the same questions again, but if you have changed medications or anything else has changed in your overall health, be sure to let the dentist know. Often, medical conditions or histories of infection can have impacts on your oral health. If you maintain regular checkups twice a year, then you will be taking steps to avoid having additional appointments to address painful or complicated dental issues.

The dentist or a dental hygienist will complete a thorough cleaning using special tools. The dental professional will remove any plaque and tartar on the surface of your teeth or along the gum line to prevent gum disease and cavities. When your mouth is free from excess bacteria, you will have better breath too. After they are clean, your teeth will be polished and flossed.

Next, the dentist will complete a thorough examination to determine if there are any indications of disease or problems. The dentist will use the condition of your teeth, gums, tongue, and mouth to help detect anything that could cause more serious issues in the future. When it comes to dentistry, it is almost always less time consuming and less expensive to address problems as they start instead of waiting or delaying treatment.

After that, the dentist may decide that X-rays are necessary. Based on your age, other diseases, and symptoms, the dentist can use X-rays to diagnose problems that may be happening below the surface of your gums or teeth. Often, dental insurance policies cover X-rays once a year so be sure to review your policy to see if the X-rays will be covered during this appointment. Additionally, if you have had your previous dental records transferred, the dentist can compare the new X-rays to old ones to see if there are any serious changes to your jawbone or teeth. Modern X-ray machines emit very little radiation; it is the equivalent to spending a day in the sun or a weekend watching TV. Dentists will be able to review the health of any impacted teeth, the presence of abscesses, cysts, or tumors, and any decay happening below the surface of the gums.

If the dentist is content with your teeth, gums, and mouth at the end of the appointment, you will not need to make another appointment for six months for your next examination and cleaning. If the dentist determines you need additional treatment to address a faulty filling, removing a wisdom tooth, or repairing a dental bridge, then you will have an appointment sooner. Ask the dentist any questions you have about your treatments before you leave so you are comfortable going into your next appointment.

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