What is the Cost of a Dental Bridge?

What does it cost to replace teeth with a Dental Bridge at Padron Dental ? Well, it will depend on the type of dental bridge you require, the materials you choose to use, how many teeth you need to replace, your insurance coverage, where you decide to go for your dental care–there are a lot of factors.

More importantly consider, what are the costs of not replacing your missing teeth?

What happens when you neglect replacing missing teeth?

In short, nothing good. Ignoring replacing missing teeth is not a wise option. Firstly your diet and nutrition will suffer, you will opt for foods which are easier to chew, instead of deciding what is most nutritionally beneficial for you. Second, you will almost certainly do more damage to your mouth. Chewing with missing teeth creates an ergonomic imbalance in the jaw. This unequal distribution of force can lead to further tooth loss. It can also create a perfect storm where jaw bone mass is damaged or reduced, it can even cause temporomandibular jaw disease or structural changes to your jaw bone!

Neglecting to replace missing teeth can then, in this sense, end up costing you thousands and thousand of dollars in health care costs, dental surgeries, bone grafts, the list goes on. The worst part of all is it makes you less self confident, more doubtful, more likely to be depressed. It is not exaggerated to say after the last year, you actually cannot put a price on mental health.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option which is ideal for replacing one tooth or several teeth in a row, typically anchored by healthy tooth material on either side. There are several kinds of dental bridges; fixed, removable, Maryland, Encore, or Zirconium. All have benefits, minuses; but all of them replace your missing teeth.

Fixed Dental bridges are permanently anchored into your mouth, either thrown end bridge caps or a bonded framework. The bonding is done by your dentist, and only a dentist or dental care team can remove them or replace them. This includes Maryland Bridges, or other variations of bonded bridges.

Removable Bridges are affixed using end bridge caps, or a snap-in retainer like method. Both require healthy tooth material to anchor the bridge to. You can choose multiple kinds of composites or materials to use in creation of the bridge. However, at night the bridge is removed to be cleaned and cared for.

When to see your Dentist for a Dental Bridge

If you have a missing tooth, or teeth, in one area of your mouth, you should already have an appointment. The sooner you see someone the sooner you can enjoy your life to the fullest again. With a proper Dental Bridge you can replace your teeth and protect yourself from further dental health costs. The average dental bridge costs between 500-1000 dollars per tooth replaced, but this estimate is not definitive. Talk with your dentist about what option is right for you, and then consult with insurance and your dentist to find a price that you are comfortable with.

Maryland Dental Bridge