What is a Maryland Bridge?

A Maryland Bridge is a type of dental bridge used to replace missing teeth in a row. Are you living with missing teeth? Are you considering options for replacement? A Maryland bridge typically involves a metal framework, which is anchored to healthy tooth material. On that framework one or multiple composite replacement teeth are attached. The Maryland Bridge was typically made using a metal framework and porcelain composite teeth. However, with modern dentistry innovations, more aesthetic tooth-like materials can be used.

Why should I replace my missing teeth with a Maryland Bridge?

What options to use for tooth replacement should always be decided by your dentist and you. Only you two will know what is best for your situation, and it should be a mutual decision based on both source’s input. However, empirically we know that teeth should be replaced. When gaps are left in your smile, an area of gum is left exposed. This creates a primed surface area for infection and gums disease. Food particles and bacteria can enter into your gumline and disrupt other teeth and your jaw. Missing teeth beget missing teeth, jaw problems and degradation, and gum disease.

You should also replace missing teeth because you deserve too. With all the innovations in dentistry, there is no reason you should have to suffer, neglect the foods you love, or hide your smiling face.

Will people be able to tell I have a Maryland Bridge?

Teeth have a natural semi-translucent appearance. There is a certain skill that good dentist’s have to “zhuzh” up the appearance of metal fused to porcelain. It will depend on where the Maryland Bridge occurs in your smile, the time of day, the sunlight, etc. There will be times when no one can tell, and times where you tell yourself “everyone can see my bridge!”. The larger point is, it does not matter. Teeth replacement is very common, and an obvious replacement is better than no replacement.

You can also select certain aesthetically efficient materials to replace your teeth using a Maryland Bridge. The most obvious being Zirconium. Zirconium does not use metal, so the framework and tooth are made of semi translucent, ultra durable material ceramic material. Zirconium is stronger than your natural teeth, can be layered with porcelain for maximum appearance, and completely biocompatible. You can also consult with your dentist about other materials or composites that are more definitively aesthetic.

Where Should I discuss options for a Maryland Bridge for Tooth Replacement?

Begin at the place you always discus your teeth, the dentist! Your dentist can review your dental health history and begin by taking current x rays. After reviewing the health of your gums, jaw, and teeth, your dentist can discuss what options are available to you for tooth replacement. Ask to speak with a dental care team to review dental hygiene care and procedure for pre and post dental work. In no time at all you can go back to living your life and enjoying all the foods you have been missing.

What is a Dental Bridge?