What is a Dental Bridge?

If you are looking to replace a missing tooth, a dental bridge rockford illinois just might be the best solution for you. A Dental Bridge is usually comprised of a framework of metal which has a composite replacement tooth affixed to it. The bridge will fit to the patient’s teeth in a way that makes the replacement tooth look like it is anchored into the jawline just like the surrounding teeth. This is usually done using end bridge caps. Tooth material on either side of the bridge is removed to create areas where composite caps can be attached to healthy tooth root structure. The bridge is then affixed to the area through the caps.

What are my options for a Dental Bridge?

Want several teeth replaced? Want your teeth replaced in a subtle and aesthetically pleasing way? Want to replace your teeth without removing healthy tooth material? You are in luck! For any kind of dental bridge you require, there is a solution or a material that addresses your problem.

  • Removable Dental Bridge- A Removable Dental Bridge is used to replace teeth, but can be removed at night for cleaning. This is usually through end bridge caps that are not cemented in place permanently. There are also options for bridges that have a snap-in anchoring mechanism. Removable bridges are usually the most cost effective option and require no surgery.
  • Fixed Dental Bridge- Fixed Dental Bridges cannot be removed except by a dental professional. They may involve an implant, a bonded framework, or end bridge caps which are anchored with a sealing composite. They should be cared for just as regular teeth. Since they will not regularly be coming out of your mouth, discuss materials and design with your dentist. You want them to look good from the start. Once they are in, it requires an appointment to remove them.
  • Maryland Dental Bridge- Maryland Bridges were actually invented in Atlanta, but the name just stuck. A Maryland bridge uses a framework of metal to affix a replacement tooth, or teeth, to the back of healthy tooth material on either side. The framework has a porous design on the side that faces the tooth, so that the bonding agent will create a secure seal without harming the tooth material. Maryland bridges have been used for years and are a great option to replace missing teeth. In some cases they are noticeable, so you will want to discuss placement and materials with your dentist.
  • Encore Dental Bridge- An Encore Dental bridge is a lot like a Maryland Dental bridge. It has the same design and function, but the materials are all ceramic. This allows the Dentist to have a greater control of design and aesthetic. Ceramic tooth replacement options like Zirconium contain greater durability than your original teeth, but have a natural tooth like appearance. They are also completely biocompatible, with no metal necessary to achieve security.

Where can I go to discuss a Dental Bridge for Tooth replacement?

Well, for starters, see your dentist! The sooner you see a dentist the sooner you can replace your tooth, and identify any disease or infection which led to the original tooth loss. Be sure to discuss all your tooth replacement options, and what proper Dental Hygiene care routines look like for after tooth replacement.

How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?