Tips for Tooth Extraction Recovery

Tips for Tooth Extraction Recovery

Jul 08, 2019

Tooth extraction near you is performed for getting rid of the pain caused by decay, infection, and injury. Tooth extraction is painless because of the anesthetic or sedation given during the procedure, but one needs to follow some precautions after the procedure for recovery. Here’s a look at some of the Do and Don’ts.

Intake of Medicine

If the dentist near you has recommended certain medication, you must take it as per the prescription. You must never take any painkillers without asking the dentist near you.

Avoid Eating Hard Food

When a certain tooth is extracted, people find it difficult to chew and eat food. This is because of the effects of tooth removal. Thus, for a few days, people should only have soups, liquid food, and soft items that can be chewed easily without any pressure.

Cover the Part with Ice

The area that has swelling must be covered with an ice pack so that it can help in easing the pain.

Use Straw When Drinking

You need to avoid the swelling area so you must drink using a straw when you drink anything.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Liquors

The contents of cigarettes and alcohol may react with the swollen part so it’s better to avoid having them for a few days.

Brush Softly

Another important point to keep in mind is to brush gently near the site of extraction. You can try to gently rub and massage the swelling part, but make sure that you don’t experience bleeding gums while you brush.

Use Extra Pillow

At night while sleeping, you must use an extra pillow for keeping the blood flow in your mouth steady and prevent the clotting.

Use Gauze

The gauze is given after tooth extraction for preventing the bleeding. Gently bite the gauze and change after they are covered in blood. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, contact the dentist near IL, 61107 immediately.

Call a Dentist for Further Advice

If you don’t find relief from pain and the pain continues getting worse, it is time to call the dentist in Rockford 61107.

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