The Benefits of Modern Dentures & Partials

The Benefits of Modern Dentures & Partials

Apr 26, 2018

When most of us hear the word “denture,” we automatically paint a picture in our heads of someone elderly that has a life of eating mush ahead of themselves. A little dramatic, but the thought of having dentures can scare a lot of us! The reality, though, of the situation is that you can have properly crafted, natural-looking dentures. At Padron Dental in Rockford, IL, we want to show you your denture options.

What is a Partial?

If you find that you have sets of consecutive or nonconsecutive missing teeth, this is no problem for dentures. A gum-colored base material that can fit between healthy teeth snapped into position by metal clasps can be the best option for those that are not yet in need of a full set of dentures.

What is Full Denture?

Complete dentures, the more conventional set of dentures used, also sues a supportive base material to anchor the new teeth in place. The base is molded to fit the gum line by creating a suction technology to ensure the denture doesn’t move. Denture adhesive can also be used to facilitate the strength of the denture suction.

Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

Replacing missing teeth is imperative, as missing teeth can compromise the structural integrity of the jaw. Gone long enough, missing teeth can cause droopy sinuses and sagging facial features. The teeth left behind will shift and cause changes in how the teeth fit together.

Can I Receive a Dental Implant-Retained Denture?

As with any other major procedures, consulting your dentist is very important. Your oral health care provider is best aware of your circumstances to make sure a dental implant-retained denture is necessary or even possible.

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