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A smile makeover might be helpful if you would like to improve the look of your teeth, or if you are considering multiple cosmetic procedures. Padron Dental will personalize your smile makeover plan to meet your goals and concerns.

Smile Makeover at Padron Dental in Rockford

If you have the desire to completely change how your smile looks you need more than a simple touch-up. As the title suggests, a smile makeover involves performing multiple procedures to help you achieve a comprehensively enhanced appearance. It is meant to both resolve a cosmetic dental concern and improve your smile dramatically and completely.

You may have had an injury, dental problems, or other issues during your life that have made your teeth less than ideal. A smile makeover at Padron Dental is a personalized, custom treatment plan of restorative and cosmetic procedures that can improve the look of your teeth and your overall oral health. A smile makeover might consist of simple teeth whitening, or porcelain veneers, the re-alignment of your teeth, cosmetic bonding, or replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings. Your smile makeover may include restorative procedures such as bridges or crowns to replace some missing teeth.

The entire team at Padron Dental enjoy helping people in a field where they can apply knowledge, art, science, and beauty. Padron Dental specializes in prosthodontics, which is the treatment and handling of dental and facial problems that involve restoring missing tooth and jaw structure. A prosthodontist is highly trained in cosmetics, dental implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, temporomandibular disorders (TMJ/TMD), and more. We offer you comprehensive dental care in the convenience of one location utilizing the latest techniques in cosmetic, preventative, restorative, and implant dentistry. Call us today at 815-397-3820 to schedule your appointment to evaluate whether you might benefit from a smile makeover. We are conveniently located at 1646 N Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL 61107.

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Are You a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover might be helpful if you would like to improve the look of your teeth, or if you are considering multiple cosmetic procedures. Padron Dental will personalize your smile makeover plan to meet your goals and concerns. It may begin with teeth bleaching to fix discoloration and stains on your enamel. Other cosmetic procedures that could be in your plan are bonding, contouring, or veneers to correct the length and shape of your teeth, and to minimize gaps between your teeth. Restorations might be suggested to replace a lost tooth or teeth.

Prior to performing any treatments, Padron Dental will make certain your gums and teeth are healthy. If you have any restrictive oral health issues such as a dental malocclusion or gum disease, then these will need to be treated prior to any cosmetic options.

A smile makeover can correct such dental problems as:

  • You smile shows too much gum.
  • You have chipped or cracked teeth.
  • If you have stained or discolored teeth.
  • Your teeth are misaligned.
  • There are gaps between your teeth.
  • You have missing teeth.

The Benefits of a Smile Makeover

By undergoing a smile makeover, you can expect to restore and improve your healthy smile with well-aligned, white teeth. Your smile is foundational to your personality. It directly impacts your self-esteem and your self-confidence. An attractive smile will improve your life. Research has proven that damaged teeth have an adverse social effect. Almost half of those surveyed said their smile is a key element of their appearance. Three out of four believe a healthy smile improves their mental health.

Padron Dental has devised numerous procedures designed to improve your smile, no matter the condition of your teeth. We can use porcelain products, such as crowns and veneers, to sometimes complete the smile makeover process. Veneers, wafer-thin porcelain pieces placed onto the front of teeth, are the most common option. They tend to feel and look natural, and they are easy for us to apply to restore your smile. They are much less prone to stains and other forms of damage. Onlays and crowns are also beneficial but are placed through different means.


Drs. Cassaro & Nguyen

Dr. Cassaro’s education began at Marquette University, where he earned his BS degree in Biomedical Sciences, with honors. He continued at Marquette University, attending their Dental School where he received his degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery.

Dr. Ashley Nguyen is originally from upstate New York. Her first interest in dentistry came from her desire to help others attain a beautiful and healthy smile. This eventually led her to the University at Buffalo where she obtained a BS degree in Biomedical Sciences, with honors. From there she attended dental school at Midwestern University located near Chicago, IL.

What to Expect with Your Smile Makeover?

Each smile makeover plan is completely personalized, so Padron Dental will discuss what you can expect throughout your treatment. We will plan your appointments to complete each of the treatments in your makeover. Local anesthesia might be necessary before a few of your treatments, although other sedation methods might be suggested if you need help relaxing due to any anxiety. During your smile makeover, we will continue to answer all questions and keep you comfortable with the progression.

An Average Smile Makeover Procedure

We may begin your procedure by creating a mold of your teeth. We will send the mold to a dental lab, where a new mold will be fabricated of what your mouth should look like in its restored state. Once this mold is finished, we will share it with you and get your approval. If you approve the look the dental lab can start creating the necessary restoration fixtures to improve your smile.

There are a few common pieces of equipment Padron Dental may use during your smile makeover procedure, which might include:

  • A soft tissue laser, which can be used to remove the frenum, the muscle typically responsible for front tooth gaps, but most often used to reshape and contour the line of your gums.
  • Digital imaging equipment, which helps us visualize your makeover smile and give you an idea of how you will look following the procedure.
  • An intra-oral camera, which will allow us to make a diagnosis for your teeth by blowing up pictures taken of the inside of your mouth.

Smile Makeover Aftercare

As soon as your smile makeover plan is completed, you should always maintain a consistent, at-home, oral hygiene practice which includes brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. To compliment your at-home exercise, you should schedule preventative dental exams and professional cleanings at Padron Dental every six months so we can monitor your oral health. With proper care your smile makeover can last for decades. Touch-up procedures may be necessary every few years, such as teeth whitening, which might help to refresh the appearance of your smile. Restorations or veneers may also have to be repaired, which will be reviewed with us at each visit.

Padron Dental Provides a Dental Experience that is Comfortable and Efficient

The team at Padron Dental will make your visit easy and comfortable.  It is important to us at Padron Dental to provide each patient with the best dental experience possible. Therefore, we keep up to date on the latest dental technologies and techniques, to ensure that your smile makeover is not only effective, but comfortable as well. Whether you need a dental cleaning and exam or an advanced dental implant procedure, we provide you with compassion and expertise. We have brightened the lives and smiles of many patients. Let us brighten yours! You can find us at 1646 N Alpine Rd, Rockford, IL 61107. Or simply give us a call at 815-397-3820 to get your appointment scheduled.