Tooth-Colored Fillings in Rockford, IL

Experiencing a chronic toothache? Think you may have a cavity? At Padron Dental we are happy to offer tooth-colored dental fillings for our patients who are experiencing dental decay. Unlike traditional “silver” amalgam fillings, our dental fillings are designed to blend with your natural teeth, leaving your smile as beautiful as ever. Wondering if you may need a tooth-colored filling in Rockford, IL? Here are some signs you may have a cavity:

  • Toothache
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Temperature Sensitivity
  • Pain When Eating/Drinking
  • Visible Holes in Teeth
  • Tooth Discoloration
  • Pain When Biting/Chewing

About Our Rockford Tooth-Colored Fillings

For many years the only option for repairing dental decay was unsightly and unhealthy silver amalgam fillings. Not only did these dental fillings look bad, they also contain mercury which is a toxic metal. Our tooth-colored fillings in Rockford, IL are created using tooth-colored materials which will blend with your smile while protecting your tooth from further decay or damage.

Benefits of Our Dental Fillings in Rockford, IL

When it comes to dental restorations, our tooth-colored dental fillings have many benefits over alternative treatment options. Some of these benefits include:

  • Designed to match your existing teeth
  • Do not contain mercury or any other toxic materials
  • Do not cause temperature sensitivity
  • Will not warp due to temperature
  • Prevent further decay and damage

Tired of the pain caused by your cavity? Contact Padron Dental in Rockford today to schedule your appointment. We’d be happy to examine your tooth to determine if you need a dental filling.

Dr. Adriana Padron

Dr. Adriana Padron

Dr. Adriana Padron was born in Venezuela, and is a fourth generation dentist from both sides of her family. Since she was a child, she always showed interest in dentistry and became one when she graduated first in her class from El Bosque University in Bogota, Colombia in 2006.

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