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When a person is missing teeth, it causes many issues and problems. Chewing becomes a hassle, speaking can be nerve-racking and smiling does not happen as much as it should. There is no need to stay self-conscious or to worry further about the long-term issues in your mouth with the use of dentures.

Types of Dentures

  • Partial Dentures – When a patient still has some healthy teeth left in their mouth, partial dentures are used to work around that tooth. Partial dentures can help keep the remaining teeth viable by spreading the chewing stress to the denture. Partial dentures are created on a case by case basis to match the patient’s mouth perfectly.
  • Full Dentures – When the full arch of the teeth is missing, a full denture is used. Using high tech materials, the gum colored base ad natural-looking artificial teeth can completely restore a smile, and, in some instances, make it look better than it has in years. Due to the evolving shape of the soft gums, dentures will have to be occasionally adjusted to ensure a good fit.
  • Implant Supported Dentures – For additional confidence, dentures can also be installed via dental implants. The titanium posts are fused to the jaw bone and act as an anchor for the dentures to lock in to, which gives the wearer greater confidence in knowing they won’t fall out at an inopportune moment. Implant supported dentures are also helpful to take stress and pressure off of the gums since they will not rely on suction to stay in place.
Dr. Adriana Padron

Dr. Adriana Padron

Dr. Adriana Padron was born in Venezuela, and is a fourth generation dentist from both sides of her family. Since she was a child, she always showed interest in dentistry and became one when she graduated first in her class from El Bosque University in Bogota, Colombia in 2006.

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