Dental Inlays & Onlays in Rockford, IL

Do you have severe damage to your tooth? Need to replace a dental filling? At Padron Dental in Rockford, IL, we offer inlays and onlays for patients who need to repair decay or damage to their teeth. In certain cases, fillings and dental crowns may not be the best option for the patient, which is where inlays and onlays come in.

Dental Inlays

When a patient has decay or damage too extensive for a dental filling that is within the cusps of their tooth, a dental inlay is probably the best option for repairing the tooth and protecting it from additional decay or damage. Our inlays are designed to match with your existing teeth; no one will even notice you’ve had one placed.

Dental Onlays

Much like dental inlays, onlays are used to repair extensive damage or decay in a tooth; however, onlays are used when the damage extends beyond the cusp of the tooth. An onlay will be placed to protect the tooth from additional decay or damage while providing structural support for the affected tooth.

Benefits of Our Inlays and Onlays in Rockford, IL

When it comes to restoring teeth, inlays and onlays have a few benefits which include:

  • Require less tooth removal.
  • Stronger and more durable than alternative restorative options.
  • Less likely to stain/discolor.
  • Do not expand due to temperature changes.

Are you interested in inlays or onlays in Rockford, IL? Contact Padron Dental today to schedule your appointment. We’d be happy to evaluate your tooth to determine if an onlay or inlay is right for you.

Dr. Adriana Padron

Dr. Adriana Padron

Dr. Adriana Padron was born in Venezuela, and is a fourth generation dentist from both sides of her family. Since she was a child, she always showed interest in dentistry and became one when she graduated first in her class from El Bosque University in Bogota, Colombia in 2006.

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