Non Implant Missing Tooth Replacement Options

If you need to replace a missing tooth, what options do you have besides dental implants? Dental Implants are a modern dentistry miracle, the materials used are comprehensively more effective than natural teeth. However dental implants also come with a long recovery process, difficulty with insurance and adjustment, and a hefty pricetag. If you are looking to replace missing teeth, you may want to discuss options with your dentist that do are non implant options.

What happens if you do not replace missing teeth?

Simply Avoiding tooth replacement can have long lasting impacts on your health. Firstly, you simply do not feel as good when you choose not to smile. Smiling has great benefits for your attitude and mental health. Choosing to smile is a sign of confidence and pride in oneself. Those who are dealing with missing teeth often do not feel confident smiling, so they avoid doing it. This in turn is conducive to the opposite effect; developing a lack of self confidence, doubting oneself, feeling depressed. Missing teeth can also effect your diet, and make you opt for foods which are easier to chew–but not necessarily beneficially nutritional.

Here comes the worst part. Neglecting to replace missing teeth often causes further damage to healthy teeth, the patient’s jaw, and gum disease. When you lose teeth your gums are open and exposed, the ergonomics of chewing and biting are disrupted, and a soft portion of jaw is exposed. All of these factors together contribute to a downright dangerous situation, one that leaves the patient to “dig themselves out” of a hole that continues to get deeper.

What are non implant options for replacing missing teeth?

Firstly there are rockford dental bridges. Dental bridges can be attached to healthy teeth with a cap, and include replacement teeth to cover any gaps. This is your most immediate and affordable option. You can opt for fixed or removable dental bridges, just know that the removable ones must be cleaned nightly. You can also discuss a resin-bonded or maryland bridge with your dentist or dental care team.

You can also discuss snap-on dentures, veneers, or single teeth replacement options with your dentist. If there is a lack of healthy tooth tissue in your mouth, you may opt for temporary or removable dentures, to replace a row or all your teeth.

How long does it take?

Begin by reaching out to your dentist. Consult with them on your replacement options. They should then ask you for recent dental x rays to examine the health of your gums and teeth roots. Once you decide on a replacement option that makes you satisfied, reach out to your insurance and discuss coverage options. Every where in the world people are getting teeth replaced everyday. There is nothing stopping you from gaining the joy of your smile, eating the foods you love, and feeling good about yourself. The first step is finding a dental care team that your trust, and discussing your options. Once you receive your missing teeth, make sure you have a good understanding of what it takes to care for them, as consulted by your dental hygienist.

Cost of Dental Bridge