How to Find a Cosmetic Dentist

For many patients it is not clear what a cosmetic dentist rockford il means and what the differences are from other dentists. Here are some indications to understand what the treatments of dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry are.

What is the difference between a dentist and a cosmetic dentist?

The dentist deals with the diagnosis and therapies for pathologies and problems affecting the oral cavity, teeth and gums, while the cosmetic dentist (who remains a full-fledged dentist) adds to these activities a specialization in the treatment of anomalies and defects that make a smile unsightly and in treatments that serve to improve dental aesthetics.

What is the role of a cosmetic dentist?

The aesthetic dentist is a professional of dental aesthetics and cosmetic dentistry. It carries out treatments aimed at correcting smile defects and imperfections, both in more serious situations such as gingivitis, fractures or lack of teeth, and in simpler cases such as the presence of diastemas or color defects.

Modern dental aesthetics

Modern dental aesthetics deals with the restoration of damaged teeth and the correction of smile defects through new technologies and new composite materials, which perfectly simulate the color and brightness of the natural tooth. Thanks to these modern methods, many conservative aesthetic interventions can be performed. With the innovative whitening techniques, it is possible for the aesthetic dentist to restore brightness to a smile without altering the structure of the tooth, eliminating discolorations of various origins, for example those due to nicotine, from old traumas, in a painless and not harmful way. the dental structure.

What are dental aesthetics for?

Dental aesthetics includes all the techniques that are used to improve the appearance of the teeth and gums, to obtain a more beautiful and brighter smile. All the interventions necessary to treat any pathologies and problems that damage the teeth and gums and that can cause even serious imperfections are part of dental aesthetics.

What is the best way to find to cosmetic dentist?

Below, we have outlined some things you should look for in a cosmetic dentist.

  • Qualified professional: Competence and professionalism are the most important requirement. If we go to the wrong person we risk spending and not solving, or worse still, aggravating the situation.
  • Competent and good: Quality of performance is everything. It is difficult to know, however, if the dentist is good until you do some research. Ask your relatives and friends; the classic word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a good dentist.
  • Welcoming and suitable office: The appearance does not guarantee and is not indicative of the quality of the service, although it could be a useful clue to understand the professional's lack of seriousness. Location of the office is also important because oftentimes, cosmetic procedures take a few trips to the dentist.
  • Safety and hygiene: It's not just about cleaning. The instruments used by the dentist are either disposable (the examination kit, sterilized and packaged, must be opened in front of the patient) and must be replaced after each client's treatment or must be sterilized in an autoclave.
  • Confidence: It is important that the dentist inspire confidence in us, put us at ease, create an atmosphere of serenity, also because we are terrified of feeling pain as soon as the drill enters the mouth. It is good, then, that he is attentive, meticulous and transparent.
  • Information and dialogue: It is important to find a dentist who can talk to us and explain to us in a simple way.
  • Cost: Oftentimes, cosmetic dentistry is not covered by insurance, so it is important to work with your dentist and get costs upfront.

Cost of a Cosmetic Dentist