How Long does a Dental Bridge Last?

Your teeth can last you a lifetime depending on genetics, disease, hygiene, and infection. Properly maintained dental equipment can last longer, but it is not uncommon for it to be replaced due to unforeseen circumstances. Dental bridges in Rockford IL have been commonly used to repair and replace missing teeth for years and years–how long can you expect your to last?

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is used to affix a damaged tooth, or replacement teeth, to healthy secure teeth in proximity. If your teeth are a road, and there is a gap in them, the bridge acts as…well a bridge! The cap that sits in between your health teeth provides aesthetic appeal to your smile. It also has added effects like supporting your jaw and teeth during chewing and biting, covering your exposed gum or tooth root while it heals, keeping other teeth in place, etc. A dental bridge is the perfect addition to an otherwise healthy smile that needs one, or a few, teeth replaced in a row.

Are there different kinds of Dental Bridges?

Yes, there are predominantly two kinds of dental bridges. They are Fixed Bridges and Removable Bridges.

  • Removable Bridges- Removable bridges are usually composed of two caps with replacement teeth connected. The Caps function as the top of two teeth, separated by a gap of missing teeth, that have been filed down by a dentist to attach caps too. Removable bridges are usually convenient in cost, and do not require extended surgical procedures. The end bridge cap teeth can be filed by the dentist in the office, and once the bridges are ready can easily by affixed by the patient. They are removed nightly and cleaned thoroughly the same as a pair of dentures.
  • Fixed Bridges- Fixed bridges are anchored in one of two ways; either they are permanently affixed to end bridge cap teeth, but are not removable, or they are anchored by dental implants. Either way, the teeth must be cared for the same way as your regular teeth. They must be flossed, brushed, and rinsed regularly. The process usually involves surgery and, in the case of dental implants, a longer recovery process of 6-12 weeks.

How Long do Dental Bridges Last?

Accept as a baseline between 5-7 years. With proper hygiene, and proper care of your other teeth and jaw, you can expect at least 5 years out of your dental bridges. However, modern dentistry is improving everyday, and using state of the art materials for bridge and implant production. With proper care and cleanliness, there is nothing saying you could not get 10+ years of perfect use out of your dental bridge. It will depend on your own health, your genetic history and history of infection–every patient and situation is different. The best way to get a sense is to begin the discussion of your health history with your dentist and dental care team.

Speak to your Dentist. The sooner you make time to discuss your options, the sooner you can replace or repair missing teeth.

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