How Can You Benefit Most from Dentures?

How Can You Benefit Most from Dentures?

Apr 01, 2020

Losing your permanent teeth is never a pleasant experience and can send you searching for replacements to hide the gaps left behind. Modern dentistry can offer you many options for the replacement but most are expensive and could well be beyond your budgetary restrictions. Therefore, you may have the choose dentures to replace the missing teeth.

Whether you are looking for partial dentures for front teeth you need to have replacements that are comfortable and reliable. It makes even better sense to have the dentures when they are needed most. You wouldn’t want to display gaps between your teeth until the time your replacements are ready. However, if you research carefully you will be able to gather knowledge that same-day dentures are also available. These replacements will not require you to wait for a long time and can close the gaps between your teeth within a day.

What Makes Same Day Dentures Different from Traditional Dentures?

Most people are familiar with traditional dentures where they go in for an examination, get fitted with their dentures, and eventually, be in a position to walk away with their new set of dentures. It is a time-consuming process but traditional dentures are of excellent quality. They can also be quite comfortable when they are fitted properly. People that have never worn dentures will need a little time to get accustomed to them. However, this is a situation that every patient needs to encounter.

Same-day dentures are similar to traditional dentures. You still require to visit your dentist, get fit, and ensure the dentures will suit your needs. Thankfully, unlike conventional dentures, there is no waiting time for same-day dentures because you get an opportunity to walk away with your dentures immediately.

A mold or a 3D image has to be made with conventional dentures to be sent to a dental laboratory where the dentures will be developed. After the dentures have been fabricated and returned to the dentist he or she must ensure they fit properly in your mouth. Thankfully same-day dentures have eliminated the need to send images or impressions to the dental laboratory because the dentures will be developed on-site at the dental office. Your dentist will fit the dentures in your mouth on the same day making it possible for you to leave with them. You will not need to make multiple visits or wait for several weeks for same-day dentures.

Are You a Good Candidate for Same Day Dentures?

Not every patient is a suitable candidate for same-day dentures. Many patients need to have one or more teeth extracted before receiving dentures. If you are in a similar situation you will need time to heal from the extraction. You can, however, set up a consultation with your dentist to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. If you are considered one the same day dentures can save you time and aggravation.

Will Your Appearance Be Affected by Same Day Dentures?

Your appearance is unlikely to be affected by same-day dentures because they can easily pass off as natural teeth similar to conventional dentures. You may be nervous about same-day dentures because you believe it is something unimaginable. However, these appliances are not poorly constructed substitutes for conventional dentures. Your specific needs are considered before they are developed.

Quite a few patients are preferring permanent dentures to help them remain securely in the mouth. If you have a similar preference you can opt for implant-supported dentures because they can offer you the comfort you desire along with the added stability. You can even have partial dentures anchored to the implant which could help you to save your other teeth.

Same-day dentures are developed from the technology that is used for traditional dentures with the same materials. However, this is a quicker and convenient process that has been developed to help you close the gaps in your mouth instantly. Present-day dentures have a natural appearance and look similar to your real teeth. You can have a beautiful smile that you will enjoy every day if you decide to visit the dentist in Rockford, IL, either for partial dentures for your front teeth that will be provided to you immediately using the technology for same-day dentures.

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