Holistic Dentistry

When the dentist a Padron Dental rockford illinois takes into account your entire physical health, emotional health, and employs natural therapies, the dentist is practicing holistic dentistry or biological dentistry.

How did it come about?

As our technology has progressed and our understanding of how outside materials affect our bodies has improved, we have been able to make adjustments to keep ourselves healthier. When it was found that lead in paint was toxic, paint was made differently. We know that mercury is a heavy metal that can damage the central nervous system and the immune system. Typical dental amalgam used in fillings contains up to 50% mercury.

Additionally, traditional dental procedures like cleanings and root canal therapy can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream which is problematic for more sensitive patients. It is important to our overall health to have our mouths cleaned and to have the bacteria removed from our gums, but there are natural antibacterial options to use to minimize the risk for those patients.

These major concerns inspired a group of dentists in 1978 to form the Holistic Dental Association. The mission of this association is to educate dentists about their other options and to inform the public about the difference between traditional dentistry and the holistic approach.

What are the risk factors in traditional dentistry?

According to a study, more than 70% of American adults are not aware of how much mercury is in dental amalgam used in their fillings. Dental amalgams are the main source of exposure to mercury for most people; the body is not able to rid itself of mercury for up to a year.

When dental waste is not disposed of responsibly and properly, the heavy metals can be released into water. The presence of heavy metals in the water sources affects the immediate wildlife and continues to disrupt the whole food chain. If the waste is burned, mercury can be released into the air.

What is the relationship between oral health and overall health?

Good overall health includes good oral health and you can experience more troubles with other health conditions if your oral health is not good. Heart disease, diabetes, and compromised immune systems can make it easier to struggle with gum disease and the presence of gum disease can make it harder to control those diseases.

How is holistic dentistry different?

If your dentist looks beyond your teeth and gums and considers your whole body, then your dentist may be practicing holistic dentistry. The dentist will be more likely to offer preventative care suggestions and programs to improve their overall health as well as their oral health. Not all holistic dentists have the same perspective; some may advocate for not using fluoride. Others may be against using root canal therapy and concerned with the long term health effects it could have.

Holistic dentists will not use dental amalgam, but they will rely on composite resin instead. They may even recommend removing old amalgam fillings with reason ones.

You can go the Holistic Dental Association website to find the holistic dentist near you.

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