Here’s Why You Need Regular Dental Cleanings

Here’s Why You Need Regular Dental Cleanings

Aug 28, 2020

Oral hygiene does not only your appearance but also your general oral health. Poor oral hygiene leads to several dental and medical problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss, heart disease, stroke, and other diseases.

You brush and floss and other oral hygiene practices to improve your dental health. However, your dentist will recommend professional dental cleanings from time to time. You are probably wondering why you need the cleanings, but this blog aims to enlighten you on the various reasons you need them.

Once you know why you should consider dental cleanings, it will be easier for you to make the call. Below are some of the reasons:

  • Oral Cancer Screening

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, at least a single person dies every hour as a result of oral cancer around the globe. While receiving professional teeth cleaning, a dentist in Rockford, IL will screen you for oral cancer.

If the condition is detected early, an oral health specialist will be able to develop a treatment plan for you since the condition is curable.

  • To Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection that can lead to adult tooth loss, pain, and abscesses. If detected early, it can be reversed or controlled before it develops to severe stages. Regular dental cleanings will help in early diagnosis and treatment. Other key factors of preventing gum disease include brushing and flossing regularly.

  • To Prevent Tooth Loss

Since gum disease is one of the leading factors of tooth loss, regular dental cleanings are vital. Tooth loss leads to alteration of your appearance as well as affect your chewing ability.

  • Detecting Dental Problems Early

If some issues such as cavities, broken crowns feelings, or tooth decay are detected early, your dental specialist will be able to recommend a less complex and affordable treatment plan. If such conditions are left untreated, you might require complex treatment procedures such as root canals, gum surgery, and tooth extraction.


  • Maintain Good Physical Health


According to recent studies, heart diseases and strokes have been linked to poor oral hygiene. Regular dental cleanings will enhance your oral hygiene hence reduce the risk of strokes and heart diseases.

  • To Enhance Your Appearance

Your oral hygienist can remove the tobacco, coffee, and other stains from your teeth. Once he or she removes the stains, your teeth will regain their natural color. The oral hygienist will also polish your teeth to shine for a bright and beautiful smile.

  • Prevent Bad Breath

Gum disease and tooth decay are the main factors that cause bad breath. Dental cleanings eliminate harden tartar that can lead to any of the two problems. In case they are developing already, your dentist will develop a treatment plan for you.

Preventive Healthcare Services Might Be Covered by Your Insurance

You might be worried about the cost of dental cleanings. Being a preventive care service, it is probably covered in your health insurance. Therefore, you should not be worried about spending anything on the procedure.

What to Expect During a Dental Cleaning by A Dentist Near You

The cleaning procedure varies from dentist to dentist. At Padron Dental, we follow the routine below.

Teeth and Gum Examination

To start with, your dentist will use a concave mirror to examine your teeth and gums for any oral issues. This will help the hygienist know what areas to focus on. In case he or she finds severe issues, the hygienist will inform your dentist for a thorough check-up.


Your hygienist will use a small hooked tool to remove plaque or tartar on your tooth surfaces, in between the teeth, and below the gum line. The hygienist uses a manual or ultrasonic scaler depending on how much tartar or plaque buildup is present.

Flossing and Polishing

After scaling, your hygienist polishes your teeth using a handheld electric tool with a rubber prophy cup and prophylaxis paste. You will feel a grinding motion on your teeth during this process. Finally, your hygienist will floss your teeth to get rid of any plaque or tartar remains.

Do Dental Cleanings Hurt?

Most patients experience little pain and discomfort during the procedure. However, some factors can lead to pain, such as:

  • Tooth sensitivity due to inflammation, tooth decay or gum disease
  • TMJ disorder
  • A long period before a cleaning

You must discuss any underlying issues you are aware of with your hygienist before the dental cleaning.

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