Five Facts About Tooth-Colored Fillings in Rockford, IL

Five Facts About Tooth-Colored Fillings in Rockford, IL

Nov 16, 2018

For decades it was believed that dental amalgam — the common silver fillings found in the mouths of millions — was the best option for filling cavities. Indeed, this time-tested material is still going strong, but in recent years it’s seen serious competition from newer restoration techniques that use tooth-colored substances to make fillings.

If you’ve heard of these new materials and want to know more, Padron Dental in Rockford, IL has prepared the following five pieces of information to get you started.

  • When properly cared for, teeth are strong, resilient, superbly functional, and match in coloring. A good filling material should mimic the strength, durability, and color of natural teeth under biting forces; therefore, filling materials must match the properties of natural teeth.
  • Composite resins and dental porcelains are tough, durable materials that have been proven over time to hold up well under years of use. Tooth-colored filling materials in Rockford, IL offer similar benefits, plus the added benefit of aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional silver fillings, they match the appearance of natural teeth which means that even in a restoration in the front of the mouth, they may be virtually undetectable.
  • In order to keep them securely in place, amalgam (silver) fillings sometimes require a process known as undercutting, which removes more of the tooth structure. But tooth-colored resins may allow more conservative treatment in decay removal. The process involved in bonding tooth-colored restorations generally requires the removal of less tooth material which means a stronger base for rebuilding the tooth’s structure.
  • Different treatment methods are used for different degrees of tooth restoration. Small cavities can be treated in as little as one quick visit. When a greater volume of tooth structure must be replaced, your dentist can create a larger tooth-colored filling that would require a longer visit.
  • The bottom line is that both amalgam and tooth-colored fillings in 61107 are safe and effective. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The best way to learn whether or not dental fillings in Rockford, IL are right for your particular situation is to book an appointment for a consultation with a multi-specialty dentist like Padron Dental in Rockford, IL.

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