Padron Dental is a unique company located in Rockford, IL. Rockford is located approximately 1 hour driving distance to Chicago, O’Hare airport, Milwaukee and Madison, WI. Our dentists treat patients in every discipline of general dentistry made even more enjoyable by our modern and cutting-edge practice technology. You will lead a team of assistants and hygienists who will support you in cohesiveness and continuity of care for our patients. We will provide you with ongoing mentorship through our professional growth and development program to ensure you become the best version of yourself.

The qualities of the individual that we are seeking must align with the Padron Dental Core Values. These values are Commitment to excellence, Humble and hungry to grow, Effective communication with every person you interact with, and most importantly a Winning attitude. A doctor that has these core values will also love leadership, entrepreneurship, have an outgoing personality, willingness to continuously learn, and willingness to adapt. While some of these qualities are inherent to one’s personality, others can be learned.

Our compensation and leadership package proposal outlined below describes monetary and commitment expectations for salary, and other benefits we offer. 

  • Competitive monthly base
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) matching
  • Employee discount
  • Health savings account
  • Self Funded Insurance Plan

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Multi-Specialty Dentist

Searching for dental offices in Rockford Illinois that provide comprehensive care under one roof? Our dental team specializes in multiple aspects of dentistry, including dental implants & dental bridges.


State-of-the-Art Office

Interested in advanced and dental care? Our modern Rockford office uses advanced and innovative technology for safe & effective care, from laser dentistry to digital dental imaging.


Patient Amenities

Your comfort is our priority! We offer soft blankets & pillows, new patient gifts, & more to ensure you feel right at home in our Rockford family dentistry. Schedule your appointment with our Loves Park dentist now!


Bilingual Practice

Searching for a family dentist in Rockford, IL that speaks both English and Spanish? Our dental team of family dentist and staff in Rockford speaks both English and Spanish for your convenience. They are dedicated to providing best care to you. Visit our family dental care center today!