DIY vs. Professional Dental Veneers

DIY vs. Professional Dental Veneers

Jul 26, 2018
With the internet growing larger and larger by the day, it’s no surprise you can find basically anything for sale. Sadly, this includes “DIY dental treatments” and while we will agree, things like strawberries can help remove exterior staining, some of these DIY projects are completely unsafe and unsuggested. Today we’ll be discussing DIY dental veneers in Rockford, IL, and comparing them to professional dental veneers. We hope you learn something new!

What Are DIY Veneers?

DIY dental veneers in Rockford, IL, also called DIY porcelain veneers are actually rarely even made from porcelain. You basically send an impression of your smile and are sent “veneers” which you must place and remove from your teeth each day. These veneers are not permanent, there is no way to verify what exactly you are putting in your mouth and they tend to look quite bad. We’ve had patients report that veneers came loose while eating and even drinking which could also potentially cause dental damage.

What Are Professional Veneers in Rockford, IL?

With professional dental veneers in Rockford from Padron Dental, we guarantee you are actually receiving porcelain veneers. With real porcelain, your new smile is actually stain resistant, designed to look just like natural teeth, and can even last for many years with proper care. During a professional veneer procedure, teeth are actually modified so that the veneers sit properly and then bonded on, making them a permanent fixture of your new smile.

How Can I Get Dental Veneers in Rockford, IL?

If you are interested in professional, real porcelain veneers we suggest scheduling your consultation with Padron Dental. We can evaluate your smile and determine if you are a candidate for dental veneers in Rockford.

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