6 Common Mistakes You May Make With Your Oral Health

6 Common Mistakes You May Make With Your Oral Health

Apr 01, 2019

Many people think that brushing and flossing are enough for maintaining their oral health. And when these people face any dental issue, they wonder what went wrong. The fact is that though brushing and flossing are imperative for maintaining good oral health, they alone can’t help!

Here’s a Look at the Common Mistakes that People Make with Their Oral Health:


If you have a habit of snacking frequently, it can be detrimental to your oral health. While you can have them once in a while, frequent exposure to sugar and carbohydrates will lead to the cavity and make it grow faster.

Eating acidic foods at night

Yet another mistake that most people make is consuming acidic foods at night. It makes the saliva acidic which affects your teeth and gums. It’s better to have your meal early so that your digestion works well before you go to the bed.

Waiting too long between your final brush and bedtime

The right time to brush your teeth is just before going to bed says dentist in Rockford, IL. Saliva has the power to protect as well as repair your teeth but the mouth gets drier when we sleep which can lead to cavities. Thus, it’s important that our mouth is clean before going to the bed.

Skipping the scrape

Many people don’t consider tongue scrapping important but without scrapping your tongue, you are exposing your teeth and gums to the bacteria present on your tongue.

Using improper flossing technique

One of the biggest mistakes made by people is not flossing their teeth and even if they do, they seldom use the right technique. You must floss your teeth correctly so that there is no build-up of plaque in between the teeth.

Not pulling with oil regularly

Oil pulling is one of the conventional methods of cleaning your mouth. It prevents receding gums. You can use coconut oil for oil pulling as it is anti-bacterial and effective in teeth whitening says dentist near IL 61107.

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