5 Gum Disease Prevention Tips If You Have Diabetes

5 Gum Disease Prevention Tips If You Have Diabetes

Apr 16, 2019

Diabetic patients have to undergo different kinds of physical complications. Commonly, they face heart, kidney, nerve, and eye-related problems. Those, who have a high percentage of sugar in their bloodstream, may also face gum disease. In medical term, the gum disease is named as gingivitis. This happens due to plaque buildup around your teeth roots and gum. Gingivitis carries a high risk for your oral health as well as hygiene. From bad mouth odor to weak or fragile teeth, different kinds of complications happen due to gum disease. This is the reason why you need to visit a good dentist who can provide the best solution against gum infection. Padron Dental could be the place for you.

Risk of Gingivitis

Those, who have uncontrollable diabetes, are vulnerable to gum infection. If not treated, gum infection at a severe stage can potentially damage your teeth. Due to gum infection, bleeding from the gum is also common. For diabetes patients, bleeding is risky as blood does not get clotted easily for them. Thus, diabetic people should learn the tricks to avoid gum disease.

Tips for Avoiding Gum Disease

A professional dentist at Padron Dental offers the following suggestions to avoid gum infection.

In order to stop plaque buildup, one should brush and floss mouth properly after having meals. Maintaining good oral hygiene will lower down the risk of gum infection.

  • You should avoid acidic drinks or soda water to protect your gum from being infected by plaque.
  • You should use a soft brush to brush your teeth along with the gum line. Make sure that the brush is super soft otherwise you may injure your gum and that can lead to bleeding scratches. These scratches are not easy to be healed for diabetic patients.
  • Along with brushing teeth, you need to gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria. It will lower down chance of gum infection.
  • Most importantly, you should visit the local dentist at least once in 6 months for a checkup. It will help you to avoid gum infection.
  • For the checkup of your teeth and gum, you need to fix an appointment with a professional dentist at Padron Dental.

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